Month: August 2013

Namjoo Ft Eendo – Rooberoo

Namjoo Ft Eendo – Rooberoo [sz-video url=”” autoplay=”Y” loop=”Y” /] Play 230

Hijack – Bargard

Hijack – Bargard Play 220

Luciano Pavarotti – Caruso

Luciano Pavarotti – Caruso Here, where the sea shines and the wind howls, on the old terrace beside the gulf of Sorrento, a man embraces a girl after the tears, then clears his throat and continues the song: I love you very much very, very much, you know; it is a chain by now that […]


MURKA Play 00

Gheysar – Halle

Gheysar – Halle Play 00

Salar Aghili – Yare Mast

Salar Aghili – Yare Mast Play Rastaakhiz Play (Atashe Eshgh (Sazo Avaz (Hamdeli (Taar & Kamaancheh) (Rahi (Oud Solo (Gozar (Kamaancheh